A week of Firsts

Our little boy had a big week.  He has his first curls growing in.  He has his first teeth poking through.  And he had his first beer last night.  Wait, what?

A Tasty Treat

No Beer Bong, No Problem

Yes, thats right. Father of the year over here accidentally let Matthew take a swig of some smooth white ale.  What can I say, I should have been paying closer attention.  Since he was teething, he was chomping down on the top of the bottle.  Very little was left, maybe an ounce, but Matthew managed to grab it out of my hands and tried to chug it before I could get it back from him.



OK, so he really wasn’t chugging it… he tipped it back and the suds ran all over his face, his shirt, my shirt, the couch…. you name it.  No harm, no foul though, as he quickly coughed out whatever was in his mouth and it likely wont be until his 21st birthday until he ever gets to taste alcohol again. Yeah, right.




I’m thinking the ladies at day care may have been more excited than we were that Matthew had teeth coming thru.

2-23-11 Report Card

Although it has seemed like he has been teething for about 2 months now, it wasn’t official until Thursday. His bottom two center teeth are now coming in.  They are hard to see, but when he chomps down on your fingers, there is no doubt they are there. It seems like his top two center teeth are getting ready to cut thru any day now as well.  So far he has managed any pain well… lets hope it stays that way.  I’ve been telling Matthew that as the teeth come in, the food gets better.  I know he can’t wait to throw down his first bagel!

Well we knew it was just a matter of time.  There was no escaping it.  Take a look at this photo of me as a young tot.

I’ll spare you the ones of me as a teen when I was rocking an afro so thick that people thought I lost weight from just getting a hair cut.   But curls on a baby are always cute, aren’t they?  My mom thought they were cute until I was 18.  So when I could finally take care of the mop when I was off at college, I walked down to the barber shop and cut buzzed off all of my hair.  Although I did take matters into my own hands once the day before pictures were to be taken in elementary school.  Cutting your own hair as a 9 year old boy is not recommended. But I promise if Matthew or any other future children ever want their hair cut, I will take them to get it done and not make them beg.

So here is Matthew from earlier this week. The curls around his ears are rolling up and out. Now if he could only get the patch in the back to grow in.  Of course, I could say the same for myself!

What's up fool

Hello Ladies


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